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Why not add Olympic Style Weightlifting to your assortment of Crossfit WOD’s?

No sport improves power, strength, balance, speed and agility like Olympic Style Weightlifting does.  Our videos show you step by step the precise techniques, stance and positioning for optimum performance.  Adding the Clean and Jerk, and the Snatch, to your Crossfit WOD gives you an advantage to building the body and strength you desire.

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With the right technique and focus, performing the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk is a safe and healthy way to improve FAST!

Weightlifting Program for Crossfit

Weightlifting for Crossfit

Build Speed and Strength


Olympic Style Weightlifting is the ultimate weightlifting program for Crossfit athletes.

Learning to properly perform the Olympic Style Weightlifting movements is extremely critical to the development and success of the Crossfit athlete.  The use of the two videos offered on this website are great training aids for the development of power, strength, and movement.  All of which are important elements of Crossfit.

Weightlifting for Crossfit is about building strength, speed, agility, movement and power.  Olympic weightlifting is the foundation upon which Crossfit is mastered – so anyone performing the full body Crossfit training will benefit from the balance, speed and power learned through Olympic weightlifting.

Order Olympic Style Weightlifting videos to day to ENHANCE, COMPLEMENT AND IMPROVE your Crossfit workout – Get stronger by incorporating an Olympic Weightlifing program for crossfit today!