Team Metro

The Team Metro WLC, Club #2703, is a certified USA Weightlifting local club that is owned, funded and operated by Robert C. white, Jr., a master athlete / club coach (#124822). Team Metro exists only to coach and teach young men and women the sport of Olympic Style Weightlifting so as to increase their performance in their chosen sport. The club membership is free to all and no fees are charged to an individual involved in the program.

Achieve your Goals

In order to be a member of Team Metro, the individual must be a student in good standing and be 11 years or older. The club has produced a large number of individuals who have won weightlifting awards. Also, several have received college or university athletic scholarships which clearly indicates the value of the training.

All members are required to be in an approved weightlifting singlet, approved weightlifting shoes, socks and shirt. All are furnished by the club at no expense to the individual.

All skill levels, age levels, both men and women, lift together and no ‘off color’ or bullying activity exists. Should a problem develop, the individual involved in dropped from the club.