I have been Olympic-style weightlifting and competing since 1996. I have always trained in a way that would make me stronger as well as making me a better athlete. At 5’9″ and 360 lbs, I can do a standing back flip, dunk a basketball, and run under 5 seconds in the 40 yard dash. I attribute my athletic ability to training the right way. Stretching and using the right techniques are the most important things to me.

Power Lifting 92-96

  • 3 time National Champion
  • 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze in World Championships
  • 14 total world records
  • Current world record Squat 1008 lbs
  • Best lifts 1008 lbs Squat, 551 lbs Bench Press, 733 lbs Deadlift, 2259 lbs total

Olympic Weightlifting

  • 4 time National Champion 97, 98, 99, 2000
  • Gold Medalist 1999 Pan Am Games
  • Holds all American Records
  • Snatch 197.5 kg (435 lbs)
  • Clean & Jerk 235.0 kg (518 lbs)
  • Total 427.5 kg (942 lbs)
  • Two time USA Olympic Team Member (2000 and 2004)

Having come near death from cancer, I realized that I must become involved in some type of weight training if I was to regain my health. Weight training was new to me. Shane Hamman suggested Olympic Weightlifting as the perfect solution to my situation.

I continued training under Shane Hamman’s direction for approximately two years and have now become a champion in my weight and age class.